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UN SDG Investing report profiles Dutch SDGI agenda

The Financing for Development Office and the Division for Sustainable Development, in collaboration with a wide range of business sector representatives, have initiated a workstream on “SDG-Investing (SDGI)”. The workstream seeks to better understand business sector perspectives on potential impediments and barriers to private investment in the SDGs and explore mechanisms to overcome them. A key objective of the workstream is to contribute to common understanding among investors of how to meaningfully and effectively measure, manage and report on the impact of investments on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The workstream is informed by an informal background paper entitled “SDGI- Pathways to a new Normal in Capital Markets”

Sustainable Development Goals take hold as a universal impact investment framework

Impact Alpha - March 2017

A year ago, every company had to have a Big Data story. Now, no initiative is complete without AI and machine learning. Extra points for “blockchain.” 

Next up: companies, asset owners and fund managers touting their alignment with “the SDGs.” If you don’t know already, those are the Sustainable Development Goals, with colored icons to represent 17 ambitious targets world leaders agreed to reach by 2030.


Nederlandse financiële instellingen jagen SDG Agenda aan

SDG Nederland - February 2017

Interview met Carolien de Bruin - Er is volgens experts geld, veel geld nodig om de ambitieuze Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen te realiseren voor 2030. Het investeren van kapitaal van institutionele en private beleggers in duurzame ontwikkeling is dan ook niet wenselijk maar noodzakelijk. Zeven vragen aan Carolien de Bruin, oprichter van C-Change die de Nederlandse investeringsagenda voor de SDGs faciliteerde in samenwerking met Herman Mulder, co-chair van het SDG Charter.


Dutch investors step up to the Sustainable Development Goals challenge

Responsible Investor - January 2017

Observers have identified that a $5-7trn annual gap needs to be filled with private and institutional capital to accomplish the SDGs goals. The Netherlands is one of the first countries to actively step up to this challenge.

“This is yet another signal to society that we as a financial sector serve society,” Mulder said. “It is a particularly meaningful step and shows that we have learnt from our mistakes and that we are changing.

“It’s redefining our purpose and making it smart as the SDGs are relatively smart as they look at banks and pension funds in the context of a positive agenda rather than a defensive, compliance driven approach to business and society – it’s a new ambitious compass that we want to use.”


Dutch investors step up to the Sustainable Development Goals challenge 

Responsible Investor - January 2017

Just before Christmas, 18 Dutch financial institutions, collectively managing over €2.8trn in assets, presented a report to their government and central bank outlining an action plan for investing along the themes from the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit two years ago and represent a set of 17 targets to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change by 2030.

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4 Growth Trends in Impact Investing

DEVEX Impact - December 16 2016

As impact investing continues to show strong growth as a sector, the Sustainable Development Goals are fast emerging as a reference for an ever-diversifying range of actors seeking guidelines on how to invest for impact.

“It is a critical time for investors to look around them, at the challenges facing their communities and the environment, and to consider how capital can be leveraged to generate long-term solutions,” said GIIN CEO Amit Bouri.

At the GIIN forum, a consortium of 18 Dutch financial institutions, including banks, investment firms and pension funds, with support from the government and the central bank, presented its SDG Investing Agenda. 


Leading Dutch Financial Institutions Embrace Sustainable Development Goals

SDG Business Hub - December 16 2016

18 Dutch financial institutions have released a joint report titled ‘Building Highways to SDG Investing’ which looks to reinforce commitment and to offer concrete recommendations for financial sector engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Dutch institutions launch Sustainable Development Goals investing agenda

Investment & Pensions Europe - December 12 2016

“After the more celebratory launch at the GIIN conference last week, the meeting on Wednesday is about getting to action,” Carolien de Bruin, chief executive at C-Change and co-facilitator of the SDGI agenda initiative, said. “We will be discussing the agenda recommendations in working groups and jointly plan for the year ahead.”



NDCI.Global - December 10 2016

One of the co-ordinators of the initiative, Mr Herman Mulder, hopes that over time the SDG Investment agenda will get to the mainstream of finance in a similar way as the Equator Principals (EPs) have.


PGGM pleit voor meer ruimte om duurzaam te beleggen

Het Financieel Dagblad - December 7 2016

'Een euro belegd in een kolencentrale telt nu even zwaar voor de toezichthouder als een euro die we in een windmolen- park steken,' zegt een woordvoerder van PGGM, dat voor Pensioen- fonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW) de pensioenen belegt. 'Daar willen we met DNB over in gesprek.'


Nederlandse financials samen achter duurzame VN-doelen

Duurzaambedrijfsleven NL - December 7 2016

In het rapport Building Highways to SDG Investing beschrijven de deelnemende financiële instellingen concrete maatregelen om duurzame investeringen in het binnen- en buitenland te bevorderen.


Minister: Poldermodel voorbeeld bij impactbeleggen

Fondsnieuws NL - December 7 2016

Bij impact investing is coördinatie tussen stakeholders onontbeerlijk. De wereld kan wat dit betreft leren van het oer-Nederlandse poldermodel. Dit zegt minister Lilianne Ploumen.


Samen in duurzaam investeren

IEXProfs NL - December 7 2016

In het rapport Building Highways to SDG Investing dat vandaag wordt gepresenteerd formuleren de instellingen een aantal speerpunten voor hun duurzame investeringen. Er staan onder meer concrete voorstellen in om investeringen in de SDG’s te versnellen en te vergroten.


Onze inzet is niet meer dan logisch

NRC NEXT - December 6 2016

"Investeren is risico nemen en voor dat risico beloond worden, aldus Bos. De risico's veranderen. En de duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen bieden een kans om die verandering vorm te geven."



NRC - December 6 2016

Interview with PGGM CEO Else Bos. "Onze inzet is niet meer dan logisch" 



Beurs NL - December 6 2016

"The Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved without private and institutional capital", SDGI consortium


Pensioenfondsen moeten meer ruimte krijgen om duurzaam te beleggen

Het Financieel Dagblad & FD NL- December 6 2016


Grote beleggers: meer duurzaam investeren

Accountant NL - December 6 2016

"De Nederlandse financiële sector wil graag meer beleggen in projecten die bijdragen aan oplossingen voor de grootste problemen op onze planeet, zoals klimaatverandering, armoede en voedselschaarste."


Nederlandse financials omarmen duurzaamheidsdoelen VN

De Aandeelhouder NL - December 6 2016

Banken, verzekeraars, pensioenfondsen slaan handen ineen.