Building Highways to SDG Investing

Invitation to collaborate on a Dutch sustainable development investing agenda

The Dutch SDG Investing (SDGI) Agenda and report serves to reinforce our commitment and to offer concrete recommendations for 'SDGI action' in context of Dutch Investment value chains. It articulates milestone achievements to date, priorities that we will collectively undertake, as well as ways in which individual institutions will seek to make a difference. Most importantly however, it identifies areas where we believe that collaboration with the DNB and the Dutch government will unlock greater SDG investment and increase our net positive contribution to each of the seventeen SDG's - including SDG #17 which calls for greater collaboration between public and private sectors.

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16 SDGI Recommendations

working group priorities & Reports

As noted, the signatories of this initiative identified four areas where opportunities for greater impact and collaboration existed. Organized by Working Groups (WGs), for each area of priority a high-level market review was conducted and recommendations made. Detailed WG reports are available for WG#1: Blended Public & Private Capital, and WG#2: Mobilizing Retail-oriented Capital. A report for WG#3: Stimulating Data Standardization is pending and will be posted shortly. The fourth WG: Ensuring a Supportive Regulatory Environment will continue its work in context of the Platform for Sustainable Finance (PSF).


WG 1:

Blending Public & Private Capital


GOAL: Catalyze significant SDG Investment through the systematic deployment of blended finance instrument

Read the sub-report here

Wg 2:

Mobilizing Retail-Oriented Impact Capital

GOAL: Make SDG investment 'the new normal' by encouraging and enabling all Dutch retail investors to invest with impact 

Read the sub-report here

Wg 3:

Stimulating Data Standardization


GOAL: Establish an enabling SDGI environment by stimulating the uptake of sustainability indicators and standards

Draft Discussion paper here

Wg 4:

Ensuring a Supportive Regulatory Environment

GOAL: Identify and address actual and perceived regulatory barriers and incentives to SDG investment

No sub-report available